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I have been a blogger for pretty much half my life. To be honest, blogging is barely what it was when I began all those years ago. Here’s how the journey has been so far!


Feb 2020 – Present

Nudge › How

Self-help / Self-hosted WordPress

Nudge started as a category on my older blog, The Polymath. The idea was to share what works for me without sounding like an obnoxious prick about it. A more humane approach to self-help, if you may. It worked but with The Polymath getting overcrowded with ideas and nearing its end, I realised I should just give Nudge a new home. This is that home. Here’s Nudge; Here’s How.

Feb 2020 – Present


Personal / Self-hosted WordPress

journal.coffee is a collection of unabridged, unedited, and unapologetic public journal entries about life, people, society and everything in between. These started as a category on my previous blog, The Polymath, but have found a home of their own on this website now.

Dec 2011 – Feb 2020

The Polymath

Personal / Self-hosted WordPress

The Polymath ran from December 2011 till February 2020. What started as a rant is now an over 200-page strong journal of progress. If you compare the first and the last post, you’ll see an impeccable difference in both the blog and the blogger. That is precisely why I love it so much. It shows my growth explicitly which is something I’ll never be able to do myself.

Oct 2017 – June 2018

On This One Trip

Travel / WordPress

On This One Trip was a diagonal project I didn’t write regularly on. I was writing about my travel experiences in a not-so-travel-blogger way. I’d post about weird, intimate adventures instead of the top 5 things to do somewhere. Anyway, I decided to prioritize and end the project in June 2018.


Monologues in a Metro

Offbeat / WordPress.com

Monologues in a Metro was based on the idea of inner monologues that I usually have as I walk through the metropolitan of New Delhi. The blog had a few posts in when I realised I couldn’t afford the time for it and so I stopped it.


Age of the Pixelator

Media / WordPress.com

I had experimented with Adobe Photoshop since 7th grade and I had reached a level where I could create stuff with it and so I did. I created desktop wallpapers. It was a cool wallpaper repository. My cousin joined me and we created some really cool wallpapers. A year later, we stopped uploading wallpapers but this experience of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator gave me the biggest prize of my life. Yet.


What Next

Personal / Blogger.com

Simultaneously, I started a blog called “What Next”. The name was taken from a book draft I wrote (and destroyed because I thought it wasn’t good enough) during my vacations in 9th grade. What Next was about school. It was a journal. The key was I assigned code names to all my classmates. Anyone with the initial S became Subject S1. It was lame but such is the imagination of a teenager. What Next went on for a few months but ultimately, it died.


DBZ Naruto Sprite

Film and Animation / Blogger.com

I started this blog in collaboration with my cousin. We uploaded short animations called sprite movies. We used to animate character sprites from Dragon Ball and Naruto. It was fun to make them fight. We learned the basics of animations through that website and I’m glad for it because where else would I have ever read anything about frames and how things move on the screen. It’s funny. It seems like such a long time ago because we had to go to the cyber cafe to upload our videos and it took us hours there. We stopped after a couple of movies.


My First Blog

Personal / Blogger.com

I used to read Disney Adventures as a kid. It was a bi-monthly magazine. In an issue of the same magazine was a two-page article on blogs. It talked about what a blog was and how to sign up for one. I liked the idea of keeping a weblog. To tell the world about anything I wanted to tell them about. That was genius. By evening I was there to set up my blog on blogger.com and the URL of choice was deepanshcool.blogspot.com. It would be years before I realised it was a bad name for a blog.

Fun Facts

Blogging Since 7th Grade

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Blogging gave me glasses

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