i design(ed)

7th grade was the year when, apparently, I had a lot of time on my hands. I started fooling around on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator around them. Software was fun and intriguing. Especially if you knew nothing about it.

I watched and read tutorials for years. Over time, I learned that editing wasn’t for me and I was more suited to creating things and so I did. I started creating illustrations, posters and such. I also started a blog where my cousin and I uploaded wallpapers.

Freelancing on Fiverr

In 11th grade, I felt like I needed some extra pocket money and asking for money from parents wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. They were already doing more than enough. So, I started freelancing. I freelanced for three years and I earned enough to satisfy my wants. I got myself most stuff a teenager would ask for; books, a phone, earphones, nothing was out of reach if you worked hard enough. I haven’t been freelancing lately but I will resume it sometime in the near future.

The Breakthrough

Then, I dropped out of college. I was pursuing architecture at the time. I indulged in computer games and started playing a lot of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. That was when I learned of the Steam Workshop. I designed various stickers there. A sticker collection called “Team Roles” got into the game. I was obviously overwhelmed. Not only because I had achieved a lot and made some money but because of the impact those stickers created on the CS:GO community on Reddit. I talked to and personally thanked as many people as I could. It was, probably and hopefully not, a once in a lifetime experience. This only real accomplishment always reminds me of a quote I love,

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.Leonardo da Vinci

Check some items from my portfolio below or view the whole thing on my Behance.

Fort Worth Zoo Infographic

Fort Worth Zoo Infographic

a fiverr order

Not Before Tea - Poster

Not Before Tea Poster

a fiverr order

Amity University Central Library

Amity University Central Library

a flat illustration of my university

Team Roles Sticker Collection

Team Roles Sticker Collection

a CS:GO sticker collection

Flat Illustration - Burger

Flat Design Illustrations

a flat illustration collection

Positive Thoughts - Laugh

Positive Thoughts

a collection of posters