who am i

Deepansh Khurana

Hi, I’m Deepansh. I write code by day and prose by night.

I’m the standard guy-next-door from the lovely valley of Dehradun, I am the small-towner cliché with big dreams. I’m impulsive, fairly sarcastic and generally, a good guy. I grew up in a humble family of five. My parents, an elder brother, our dog and me.

As a person, I make bad puns and listen to all music; it’s about variety. I consume enough caffeine in one day to power an entire city. I watch movies, and I read books, and I enjoy all things art.

I like to believe that I have a good moral compass and a good sense of judgement, and I think that is my second biggest strength. My biggest strength, I believe, is the fact that I admit my mistakes, eventually.

The Gist of What I'm Doing

I’m a Writer and Blogger

I’ve been a blogger for more than half my life. I’ve written for most of my life. To read more about my blogging adventures, go here. I also write vignettes and monologues on Instagram.

I’m a Data Enthusiast

Professionally, I’m working as a Data Modelling Engineer at Townscript, a BookMyShow startup. I do all things data there, and it’s the geeky side of things. You may view my complete resume here.

Fun Facts

24 New Places Visited so far

Dropped out of College Once

∞ Cups Of Coffee Per Day

Took a Gap Year after College