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My family didn’t travel much. It wasn’t for the lack of interest or mood but for life itself. However, I made it a point to travel in life.

I started with a trip to Chandigarh, Shimla and McLeodganj back in 2014 with my class from architecture. I dropped out of architecture school that year.

I joined another full-time degree in Noida after my gap year and since then, I’ve been trying to travel as much as I can. I’ve visited the following places since I first began in 2014.

25 Places Before 25


I had this rather odd idea that I wanted to travel to or see 25 places (at least whichever pass the unexplainable filter I have in my head) before I’m 25 years old. Here’s how I’ve progressed.

The Places:

I visited some places twice or more. In that case, there’s a number on them. However, they only add to the score once. Places I’ve lived in get an infinity since I got to be a part of them.

Dehradun (∞) | Rishikesh (3) | Mussoorie (∞) | Chandigarh (3) | Shimla (4) | McLeodganj (2) | Noida (∞) | Delhi (∞) | Agra | Jaipur (2) | Mumbai (2) | Kochi | Munnar | Pune (∞) | Hyderabad | Nallavagu (∞) | Bangalore | Jodhpur | Udaipur | Pushkar | Mount Abu | Jaisalmer | Jammu | Goa

The Gap Year Month of Travel

What’s a gap year without some spontaneous solo travelling, right? I mean, all of us have to embrace the cliches and live in the banality every once in a while. During my gap year, there came a month when I was too tired of Dehradun and the life I had here so I left Dehradun for Bangalore. While, initially, this was for a technical conference but after that and some three days in Delhi, I decided to go to Rajasthan and travel on my own. I started in Jaipur, went to Pushkar, then to Udaipur, then took a detour to Mount Abu, then to the blue city Jodhpur and finally to Jaisalmer. The trip was as I’ve described below in the conclusion post on my Instagram.

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I’ll leave Rajasthan today. I can take the route everyone takes after an eventful journey and say that it changed me but, it didn’t. Nothing happened in the last month which changed me as a person. This trip, if it did anything in the grand scheme of things, only made me clearly see the things I already knew about myself. It didn’t change me; it showed me who I was, and it did so extremely well. I’ve met so many people and collected so many stories. I think doing this was worth it just for those two things. In the end, there’s no larger clarity and there’s no profound wisdom. I guess, there’s only another notch of understanding myself. I guess that’s fine. I can’t wait to go back home again. I just have one detour and one last stop to make first.

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