my skills

While the entire website describes most of what I do in detail, I wanted one page to have a gist of what I can do to help you out in terms of nothing but skills. If something is listed here, that would mean I have done it enough to know I can charge for it. In other words, I am absolutely confident in my ability to get it done.

If you’d like to work together, please feel free to reach out at deepanshkhurana[at]outlook[dot]com. You can also schedule an online meeting here.

  • digital illustration (icons, objects, vectors et al.)
  • content writing (blog posts, copy et al.)
  • public speaking (data analysis, self-improvement et al.)
  • social media planning (colour scheme, content structure et al.)
  • newsletter management (for example: mailchimp)
  • audio editing (for example: podcasts)
  • graphics design (posters, banners, et al.)
  • wordpress website setup
  • amazon web services + automation
  • data analysis + visualisation
  • python programming
  • r programming + shiny r

I’ll keep adding to this list if and when I acquire a new skill. To get more context for any of these abilities, I will trust you to find the right section on the homepage.

I appreciate you coming here, and I will look forward to working with you!