my resume


2019 – Present

Project Reviewer & Technical Mentor


– Reviewer for the Machine Learning – Introduction and Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegrees
– Technical Mentor for the Knowledge forums for multiple projects for both of them.

2019 – 2020

Data Modelling Engineer

Townscript (BookMyShow)

– Working on problems involving spam detection, Elastic Search, topic modelling and personalisation.
– Working to improve the Data Lake approach and Product Metrics flow built during the internship.

– Working on various modelling and analysis problems along with day-to-day analysis tasks.
– Managing the Townscript Engineering and Product blogs as a voluntary responsibility.

2019 – 2020

Student Mentor


– Mentor for the Machine Learning Engineer and Machine Learning Introduction Nanodegrees
– Provided 1-on-1 assistance for learning via chat and calls, troubleshooting and overall guidance
– Udacity decided to end 1-on-1 mentorship for all post-March 2020 and switched to a new format

2019 – 2019

Data Engineering Intern

Townscript (BookMyShow)

– Worked on different day-to-day analysis and data requirements.
– Built an approach for Townscript’s Data Lake and flow.
– Worked on building product metrics and trackable KPIs.
– Visualised the KPIs and metrics on dashboards by using multiple services in conjunction.


2019 – 2020

Master’s of Science – Data Science

Liverpool John Moores University

– Thesis: Mood Modelling: Understanding the Relationship between Living Conditions and Mood
– Conducted a two-week-long data collection exercise to support the thesis
– Employed Unsupervised Learning techniques such as PCA and KMeans
– Received provisional transcript and certificate of recommendation
– Awaiting final degree due with the next meeting of the Academic Board of the University

2018 – 2019

Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science

International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore in association with UpGrad

– PG Diploma with focus on real-world applications
– Learned Data Analysis, EDA, Predictive Analysis
– Developed technical skills like R, Python, Excel and Tableau
– Worked on Case Studies involving e-Commerce, Finance

2015 – 2018

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Amity Institute of Information Technology, Noida
CGPA: 8.77/10

– Gained both theoretical and hands-on knowledge with various technologies and languages
– Created an Android application to manage inventory as a final project
– Led the Blogging Team for TEDxAmity University (2016, 2017)
– Awarded a Merit Scholarship for the academic year 2016-2017
– Awarded Bronze Medal for overall academic performance


June 2018

KAARMIC Education Services


– Volunteered as a Facilitator in a Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS) school in Nallavagu, Sulthanabad
– Conducted sessions on communication and learning tools for 15 days for about 50 students
– Created and conducted a Journalism club as an extracurricular activity for the same batch

June 2017 – Oct 2017

TEDxAmityUniversity 2017


– Led the blogging team, coordinated the efforts, delegated tasks and wrote 15 articles
– Live-blogged during the entire event using 24liveblog
– Maintained social media content for the TEDxAmityUniversity page
– Brainstormed with different groups to create campaigns

June 2016 – Oct 2016

TEDxAmityUniversity 2016


– Volunteered for the blogging team and wrote about ten articles
– Created some social media content and other copy
– Live-blogged through the entire event using 24liveblog
– Created campaigns along with the videography team to drive traction to social media pages


Open-Source: R Package


– cloudSimplifieR is an R package that wraps over some packages such as cloudyR’s awspack and others to give easy helper functions to directly fetch data as dataframes from popular formats. It is a work-in-progress.
– Unfortunately, due to a critical dependency on another package (which is now unsupported), the package was taken off the CRAN repository in January 2020.


The Polymath

– Personal blog about experiences, self-help, and other ideas active since December 2011
– Received Youth Inc. Magazine’s Blogger of the Month for February 2014
– Received Indiblogger’s Indian Blogger Award 2017 for the Regional Category “Uttarakhand”

Team Roles Sticker Collection for CS:GO

Graphics Design

– Designed a sticker collection for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Workshop
– The sticker was received well by the community, and made it to the game in December 2015

About Me

I’m a data enthusiast, programmer and blogger. I love dabbling in various domains and out of my comfort zone. I’m a learner by nature, always looking to expand my horizons through self-learning, reading and structured courses.

Certifications and Nanodegrees

Below is a list of relevant Udacity Nanodegrees and other certifications which I’ve completed or am currently enrolled in and working towards. The ongoing programmes are denoted by an asterisk.
– Python Foundation Nanodegree
– Big Data Foundation Nanodegree
– Natural Language Processing Nanodegree
– Android Basics Nanodegree

– Game Theory by Stanford University & The University of British Columbia (Coursera)
– Introduction to Psychology by University of Toronto (Coursera)


Here, 100 points indicate I’m completely confident with the field or skill while 50 indicates I’m somewhat familiar with it. This scale is built from my understanding of my abilities and I believe it reflects my skills honestly.

Programming Toolkit



Microsoft Excel

Android Development

Design Skills

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign




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