on talking

I thrive on conversation. I enjoy talking about all topics. You’d find me talking to my friends about something in a cafe on most evenings. Our conversations aren’t very casual either. These are strong arguments that we have until we come to a mutual conclusion or agree to disagree.

While conversations with friends are great, I also enjoy talking publicly.

Let’s Ask My Friends Podcast

Currently, I’m talking on a podcast called Let’s Ask My Friends, a self-improvement podcast, with a few of my closest friends. We take one question, one episode at a time and discuss our points of view on it.

The podcast ran for two seasons between 2020-2022.

Data Science

While I was working with Townscript as a full-time Data Modelling Engineer, I had the opportunity to present two talks from my work

The first talk was in July 2019 for the AWS User Group, Pune Meetup. Along with one of my colleagues, I talked about how we set up our data lake and pipeline at Townscript. A presentation with voiceover is hosted on Youtube for the same.

The second talk was part of a Townscript initiative called Townscript Originals’ Product Club. We talked about how we solved a design problem using data-driven design. I presented the talk along with Sanketh Sampara, the Product Designer at Townscript.

Both of these were incredible experiences, and the opportunity to share my work with others was awesome!

If you have an opportunity that you feel would be relevant enough, feel free to email me.