i learn and do

I revel in novelty, and I see myself as a never-ending work-in-progress. When a friend asked me to define myself back when I first entered college, I said I was “an infinite lego block”. I wasn’t exaggerating.

I like putting myself and my belief systems to test, and I love exploring new ideas or perspectives. This page is the most freeform page on this website because like myself, it has no restrictions.


While learning by doing is great, learning formally can be awesome too. That is precisely why I devote time to learning and exploring new fields and disciplines through paid and unpaid courses.

Most of my Nanodegrees can be found on my resume. However, here is a one-stop list of courses I’ve completed and earned certificates for online and offline.

  • Introduction to Philosophy by The University of Edinburgh | Certificate
  • Modern Art & Ideas by The Museum of Modern Art, New York | Certificate
  • Game Theory by Stanford University & The University of British Columbia | Certificate
  • Philosophy, Science and Religion: Religion and Science by The University of Edinburgh | Certificate
  • Introduction to Psychology by The University of Toronto | Certificate
  • Know Thyself – The Value and Limits of Self-Knowledge: The Examined Life | Certificate
  • The Modern World, Part One: Global History from 1760 to 1910 by University of Virginia | Certificate
  • The Modern World, Part Two: Global History since 1910 by University of Virginia | Certificate
  • What Is Contemporary Art by The Museum of Modern Art, New York | Certificate
  • Big Data Foundation Nanodegree by Udacity
  • Python Foundation Nanodegree by Udacity
  • Android Basics Nanodegree by Google Through Udacity

I love Coursera because it lets me be in touch with the side of me that is completely intrigued and into the humanities and arts. I can dabble in Philosophy, Psychology and other topics that have always interested me at my own pace. While structured learning is great, I also experiment a lot with my life. Some of these are below.


I experiment a lot. In fact, if I find a new ideology that I resonate with, I apply it to my life immediately. I guess my impulsiveness also factors in somewhat here. However, I’ve learned that it is always good to add good ideas and thought processes to yourself.

Decluttering and Minimalism

Click here or on the image to view my journey.

Back at the beginning of 2017, I came across the Minimalists podcast. Eventually, I started to appreciate the ideas of a minimalist lifestyle and decluttering. I took most that I could and applied it to my life. The major activities regarding the whole minimalism process have been giving away and selling things that I am not using, helping people by doing what I value and adding value to their experiences, Project 333 which is a wardrobe experiment.

I write about my journey through minimalism on my main blog, The Polymath itself. A separate category called “Decluttering My Life” has all the posts about how I’ve embraced the idea of decluttering.

While I changed the format for the blog, I still talk about minimalism and I try to apply it wherever I can in my life. Most of what I have to say about it is in between the lines on my blog and Instagram.

Reducetarianism Vegetarianism

Update: In July 2018, I finally took the leap after I had experienced Reducetarianism for more than fifteen months. This was the month I became a vegetarian and decided to end my meat consumption.

The blog post that explains the switch is here. It is important to mention that I am a lacto-ova-vegetarian as of now which means I consume milk and eggs. Whether this will change or stay like this is up to time and how comfortable I feel as I go forward.

Another experiment I did back in 2017 was becoming a reducetarian. I wrote the story on my blog. You can read it here if you’re interested. The gist of it is that I follow the idea of Weekday Vegetarianism now after watching this TED talk.

As I spent time becoming used to the new lifestyle, I learned to play a little loose with the rules. I still eat meat for two days per week; just that if I have an outing on the weekdays and the outing seems significant enough, I swap that day with one of Saturday or Sunday. In that sense, I’m not precisely a Weekday Vegetarian; I’m just a person who eats meat for two days a week.

So, I’m a reducetarian. However, this is never going to go up from two days. It could go down, apparently. However, I’ve loved this so far, and I don’t plan on going back to my older diet now.


I start various projects, some of them monetary while some just for fun. Here is a list of recent and ongoing projects that I have been devoting some time towards.

World Under My Sneakers

World Under My Sneakers or WUMS is an Instagram account where I post photos of my shoes from various backgrounds. The idea is to show how different the world is while keeping the feet grounded and the same in all shots.

So, that is a gist of what I do but this isn’t an exhaustive list. If you have an interesting experiment or train of thought, I’d love to hear about it.