my hobbies

I’m a disgruntled hobbyist by nature. I’m always finding a new hobby to pursue. I’ve had several hobbies growing up. I have designed swords, I have been a gamer, a reader, a writer and so on. These are the hobbies that I have. These are the verbs. The others are general – movies, music, television shows, anime, manga, comics, and everything around them.

I Always Find Time…

To walk around the city

Walking around the city and walking, in itself gives me clarity. It also gives some unique experiences. Experiences and clarity make me write better. It also keeps the legs kicking.

To write

Writing comes naturally to me. If you haven’t noticed, this site has a lot of written expression as well. I’ve been a blogger for a while now, and I often write on social media as well.

To play video games

While I was a PC gamer once, I’ve shifted to consoles full-time. I own a Nintendo 3DS, a Nintendo Switch and a Playstation 4 Pro. I’ve been gaming regularly lately. I feel its important to let out some Steam, pun intended.

To watch all the movies, always

What’s our generation without the love for binging on a weekend? It’s our jam. Like disco was for those before us. As with my taste in music, my taste in movies is democratic. To know more, check out my Trakt profile.

To read, and to listen to ideas

I’ve always been a reader, more or less. I discovered podcasts back in ’17. Those things are amazing. I brought active reading back to my life once I completed my Goodreads Goal for 2018 two months in advance! Now, I make it a point to read almost every day.

To find and listen to new music

I love Indie music. I also adore Alternative. However, I’m a music fan in general. All music is good music and I try to find newer artists and listen to them.

The Mantra

Find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.Anonymous

Hobbies are important. The only issue I run into is when most of my hobbies go up a level and become things I do instead of things I do in my free time. The roster changes every few months and therefore, I don’t have a constant hobby. Most of what you saw on the homepage were once, my hobbies. So, if something does make me money, it graduates to not being a hobby because now I’m more committed to it than a Sunday binge-watch of the Star Wars series.

Visit the homepage to see which hobbies became things I do full-time.